• 26th May
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Today I'm so sad and depressed that I cried thinking that I don't want other people to feel the same. So I thought to make you happy with some love in your ask box. You're amazing! ♥

Asked by: dontsayvampires

feeling comes and goes. May you be happy now. :) 

  • 6th September
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Soda Pop Can Ring? Oh Yea…

We all drink alot of drinks that might not be really good for our body. But, it taste soo good that we gave up to the temptation. 

Oh well, at least now you can make some cute ring out of the can. So you don’t have to feel that bad for drinking the soda. 

To make the bow part of the ring you will need the template. 

I hand drawn the template so it may not look as professional. And I know, it does kinda look like a bra. lol. 

Hope you guys like it! 


  • 6th September
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heey i love your crafts ! You're my favourite diy channel ! I was wondering if you could maybe make a tutorial on how to make a diy candle ? hehee i have been obsessing over that butI could never find a tutorial that exactly "helped" . I can't wait till your sea lion tutorial and I'm glad you aren't sick anymore ! xxxx

Asked by: re-lent-less-xx

sorry for the late reply. I haven’t sign on to tumblr for a while. I am feeling so much better now. Thank you for asking. And I already posted the sea lion video. I hope you already saw that. I don’t know much about making candle. but I alway want to learn how to make it too. I’ll look into to it. ^_^ 

  • 7th March
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MeiIris’ Easter Origami Basket Tutorial (by meiiris)

I learned to make this basket many years ago. I remember it was one of my older sister from New Jersey who taught me how to make this and the origami lily. I want to share some sweet memories from my childhood with all of you guys. I hope you will learn to make it and pass on to the younger generation. 

May You Be Happy


  • 7th February
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Helloooo Kittyyy…

Thank you “awesomeloveize”<— that is a cool user name,  for inspire me to make this hello kitty earring. I am a big fan of hello kitty too. She is just too cute to not like. 

I have been sick for couple days now. Sorry if I sound sick on the video. I was hoping I sound better then make the voice overing. Oh well, you guys just have to listening to my stuffy voice. 

What I use in the video: 

Materials @ Tools

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  • 6th February
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Hi, meiiris your ideas are sooooo Kawaii heheheh teee heeeh! can you make more hair related crafts ,such as the pom pom hair tie, which is inspired by the cold snowy weather? If you have time please do ^u^

Asked by: fallen-angel-inventor

Hello Angel, 

I think you will find this video very helpful. 


have fun making it!


  • 24th January
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How to make a Polymer Clay Baby Bee…

You guys are awesome for all the comments!

You request it, I make it. Here is the baby bee tutorial. 

I don’t know if you can tell, but I recorded this video in three different days. It just won’t stop raining over here in the South. The lighting is horrible. If you guys can’t see it very clearly, be sure to set it in the HD format, which is the 720p. 

I got this bee idea from a picture I saw a while back. It just too cute that I got to make it into a charm. 

The video pretty much explain everything you need to know on how to make the bee. 

What I Used In This Vdieo

Polymer Clay

As for the materials, the main thing you need is the polymer clay. You will need at least 4 colors. You can always use more color, but you need to have at least 4 colors to make it look proportional. you can use one color, but you won’t know where one end begins or where one ends. 

Sculpey III


The price range can goes from $1 - $2.27 depend on where and how to buy it. Joann and Michael’s always have 40% off coupon. Sometime, they will offer 20% - 50% off. Watch for sales. 

Craft Knife 

If you gonna make the heart shape pacifier, then you will need the craft knife. If you not gonna make the heart. you don’t really need this craft knife. 


Keep the marker in a room temperature. I made a mistake and kept the marker in the sunroom. The sunroom can get really cold during the winter. The marker kinda freeze and the ink get stuck. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Have fun making the bee. I would love to see some of your works. Share it on my facebook. ^_^ 

May you be happy, 


  • 19th January
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DIY Rhinestone Pick-Up-Tool

The rhinestone pick-up-stick you are seeing on my latest video “Flying Piggy” is actually a tablet pen. The pen didn’t really work with my tablet. Instead of throwing away a perfectly fine looking but not working pen, I decided to make it into something that I can use. 

I need a rhinestone pick-up-stick. 

No wonder the tablet pen didn’t work, I only paid $1 for it. ^_^ EBay…

I am one cheap girl. Click on the image below, if you want to purchase it. It’s really $.99, if you really want to count every penny. Yup, it free shipping. The only down side is waiting for it to get to you. Since it is so cheap, it will take over 2-3 weeks. Yea, prepare to wait that long. 

Like what I said, it didn’t really work for tablet pen. I tried scratching, poking and gliding on the surface of the tablet and IT DOESN’T WORK. 

There are alot of rhinestone pick-up tool out there for sell. The price range can go from $2 - $10, not including shipping. Few Examples below, 

I personally never use any of the tools above. So, I don’t really know how them perform. If you like to purchase them, click on the images.  

To be honest, you don’t even have to buy the tablet pen to make a rhinestone pick up tool. You do need a flat surface point pen-like stick.  What you really need is a double sided tape. I bought mine at my local dollar store. You can buy it online. Yea… you can buy anything online nowadays. Click below. 

I love EBay. Free Shipping. ^_^ 

How to make the tool…

Take a piece of double sided tape. Have the pen ready. 

Place the tape on the flat end of the pen. Press the tape firmly to the base so they can stick together. 

Trim the excess tape from the pen. 

There it works just like a pro. ^_^ 

May you be happy,


  • 17th January
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When The Pig Fly…

Oh yea, I know you guys will like this little piggy. Why!? Cus we all want to see pig flies. Well, I am no biologist, I can’t physically stitch a pair of wings to a live pig. Ew… that can be kinda… freaky. No! But, if the pig is made of polymer clay, pink and only 1 inch tall. Awwww… Then, it is totally adorable. Or more like, freaking cute! 

My friend, Jenny, loves pigs. She has pig stuff animal, pig bracelets, pig necklace, pig pig pig. Every time when I enter her room, it make me wanna go oink. I don’t blame her for liking pigs. I mean, she was born in the year of pig. For her to love pig is like loving herself. I wasn’t a big pig person thou. 

So… Why did I make this pig???

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  • 10th January
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Easy DIY, So Easy that a man can make it.

Men Accessories 

When it come to men accessories, there are very limited selections compared to women. We have big flowers necklaces, glitter earrings, and banging bangle bracelets. I would love to see some men rock those accessories.

What do men have? Ties and simple jewelries. 

Men Jewelry

I think men jewelry is the most tricky thing to create. Why? Cus, if you add too much “things” on it, it will look too girly and messy. Men DIY jewelry should be clean and super easy to make. Why? Let face it, if the diy is not “easy”, the guys are not gonna to make it. 

Therefore, Here is my “so easy that a man can make it” diy tutorial. 

The leather or plastic cord necklace give out that masculine charm. I saw many men wearing this style of necklace. I actually think it is really manly and sexy.

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